• Dani Capricho

Why DesignStone is the innovative sustainable answer to future building | Part 1.

Updated: Mar 30, 2020

This 4-part blog explores the 3-key pillars to successfully building sustainable communities through resilient design and by way of DesignStone`s resilient building technology.

In the year 2020, extreme weather events, overpopulation and global warming are ever increasing. The world faces a monumental challenge to preserve resources challenge to allow generations to come to live in a similar or better environment than we do today. Now is the critical time to deepen the conversation on how to improve the quality of human life across the globe, assuring that all people can have safe, healthy and affordable dwellings to call home. The challenge though, doesn’t stop here. Businesses are reinventing themselves to accommodate this quickly changing world; becoming more efficient, conscious and economically viable. DesignStone seeks to take an innovative building model launched in western Australia over fifty years ago to the global market to solve the urgent need for a construction method that meets all levels of sustainability: social, environmental and economic.

Follow us to discover why DesignStone buildings are ahead of their time and how DesignStone’s technology is building a world where we can trust our buildings to protect us and where our buildings are both resilient & beautiful.. Stay tuned!

Thank you!

Dani Capricho | DesignStone Architectural Operations

Email: dani.capricho@designstone.build

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