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Structural / Architectural Cladding Building System


DesignStone`s modular light gauge metal framing / architectural concrete cladding wall assembly package for residential and commercial projects.

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DesignStone Resilient Building Technology

DesignStone is a high performance, hybrid building system offering sustainability & resilience solutions for the new residential and light commercial housing/construction markets.
A complete wall assembly, the DesignStone system has been successfully placed in Australia harshest regions for over 50-years and has won many housing industry awards. It consists of two primary unique segments, an external envelope (cladding) and a supporting structural framework.


The façade and structural elements integrate exclusively to form the patented DesignStone Wall Assembly - described as a layered combination of architectural pre-cast concrete cladding units (envelope) hung on a light gauge steel framework (structural) that is reinforced by concrete-filling, backed up by internal linings and multiple insulation combinations. DesignStone`s wall assembly aspects uniquely come together to combine industry proven resilient building materials capable of resisting and recovery when exposed to the ever-increasing common threat of disaster.

Typical Specification

Our standard inclusions, options and exclusions are outlined below for your understanding and consideration.


In summary, our proposals may be subject to certain variables. Inclusions are typically:

  • Structural engineering.

  • DesignStone shop drawings.

  • Project guidance and management for the pre-construction and wall construction phases.

  • DesignStone Resilient Wall System package (Structural + Architectural Concrete Cladding + Thermal + Weatherization + Hardware / Fixings).

  • Training when required by qualified, experienced DesignStone personnel.



We offer options to cater to everyone’s material and design preferences plus unique location. Typical options are as follows:

  • Architectural design.

  • Project management.

  • DesignStone LGM wall frame panelized in a shop, in lieu of assembling the loose, modular components on location (Subject to availability).

  • Installation.

  • Pella or Atrium Windows/Doors to complete the wall. 



In summary, the extent of our exclusions are as follows:

  • Building Permits & Fees. 

  • HOA approvals.

  • Construction power & utility bills. 

  • Concrete slab and foundation system.

  • Roof structure/cover.

  • Internal walls.

  • Termite protection.

  • Drywall.

  • MEP.

  • HVAC.

  • Dumpsters and porta john.

Typical Structural Details

Standard Terms & Conditions

  1. All materials, where possible will be delivered at the same time via our San Marcos, Texas plant. 

  2. Light gauge metal wall components delivered in loose, unassembled, pre-cropped to length format for assembly on the job site or, panelized in a shop delivered to the job site pre-assembled (panelized option is subject to availability). Material gauge, type and fixing method(s) determined by Structural Engineer.

  3. Precast concrete cladding requires a minimum of (7-14) days cure time before installation. Heavily trafficked areas require (45) days cure time before installation. Claims made for product failure will not be honored if these requirements are not adhered to.

  4. All precast concrete work shall conform to the standards of the Architectural Precast Association and/or Precast Concrete Institute exclusively. Product needs to cure for (7-14) days before shipping. Colors and textures do vary, for best results, cladding units must be installed in a mixed manner.

  5. DesignStone will work with the General Contractor to ensure delivery of products to jobsite per coordinated schedule.

  6. DesignStone will not be responsible for delays in production or delivery under our contract due to an extended or untimely approval process. 

  7. DesignStone will not be responsible for delays in delivery under our contract where materials are not available due to national shortages or severe weather (hurricanes, hazardous conditions, etc.). 

  8. Unless otherwise stated and formally agreed to, new custom cladding types remain the intellectual property of DesignStone, LLC. 

  9. General Contractor shall provide unloading for all materials.

  10. General Contractor shall provide permits, barricades and flagman as required for traffic flow during unloading of materials.

  11. A deposit of (50%) with the order and notice of commencement upon acceptance is required for this to become a binding contract. Signed sample is required to start production. Deposit to cover advanced purchase of material and any engineering. The deposit will be applied to the final contract invoice. Balance due upon completion of production.

  12. Any claims for shortages will be made in writing within five days after shipment, and claims based on defective material or workmanship will be made in writing within fifteen days after invoice date.

  13. DesignStone will provide applicable insurance coverage, bill of materials, and/or bill of sale as required.

  14. Price effective for a total time frame period of (30) days.

  15. Any alteration of the above terms and conditions, as well as color, texture, or quantities shall be considered a counterproposal and may represent major modification to this proposal.

  16. The undersigned has read this proposal and accepts the terms and conditions herein as a binding contract and acknowledges that DesignStone, LLC designs and products are protected under applicable U.S. Copyright and Design Patent Statutes.  

  17. DesignStone, LLC uses CoConstruct software to manage its projects. CoConstruct utilizes a signature approval feature found at the base of this proposal, this feature contains a hardcoded element where it notes DesignStone, LLC as a/the "builder" at the signature line. This feature cannot be changed at this point in time but will be remedied in the future. DesignStone, LLC is not a/the "builder". 

  18. Formal proposals issued via DesignStone supersede all other information provided here within.

More Information?

For further technical, weatherization and MEP details including project personalization please get in touch with our technical department.

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