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 Why DesignStone... 

Our home designs are expertly crafted, bespoke and designed with Texas in mind...

Modern Home Designs


Weather-related events such as floods, hurricanes, windstorms & wildfires are increasing in frequency resulting in record breaking billion-dollar catastrophes. 


It`s the year 2022, disaster resistant construction systems are readily available so why do our homes continue to be obliterated by hurricanes, burnt to ash by wildfires, rendered inhabitable by floods and… why are human lives relentlessly lost as a result? 

Until now, disaster resilient construction systems are grossly un-affordable, too far detached from traditional methods and are technologically difficult to construct. 

DesignStone is different. DesignStone is an affordable, high-performance, concrete/steel wall system that enables residential housing & commercial buildings to be constructed in a manner similar to a traditional light framed building yet have the same load carrying & resisting capability as a full masonry or concrete façade system.

Our Resilient House Plan Shop


DesignStone`s schematic designs are produced in-house and externally by the best architects in the business. Modern, contemporary or traditional our designs can be used as is, or can be customized to suit your every need. Our designs are ready to purchased via restricted license - we hope you like them.


  • How is DesignStone different from existing products currently available?
    DesignStone uniquely combines novel modular precast concrete panels (external envelope) and an innovative modular component based light gauge steel wall frame/form (structural). The precast concrete panels are typically no greater than 590mm (L) x 290mmm (H) x 50mm (T) and are modular, therefore consistent and considered a stock item. The steel framework comprises of multiple light gauge steel components are also modular in nature, therefore consistent and are also considered a stock item. DesignStone’s robust connections are also considered novel. Connections (facade to structure) are achieved via the patented cast-in precast hook tensioned against the steel framework, bonded by concrete core filling forming a monolithic “T” section. DesignStone precast, steel frame/form & connections segments serve no other purpose or function in the building and construction industry, they are unique to the DesignStone wall assembly. In general, the Designstone wall assemble enables residential housing, light commercial and other buildings of roughly equivalent scale and usage to be constructed in a manner similar to a light timber or steel framed building, yet have the same load carrying and resisting capability as a full masonry or concrete facade system.
  • Is DesignStone a site built system or do you panelize in a shop and then ship panels to the jobsite?
    The DesignStone Walling System is a modular component based building product, segmented into (2) categories. Structural Steel Frame Description: All DesignStone steel frame components excluding the Top and Bottom plate sections are supplied cropped to the exact modular length so there is very little cutting regardless of location. DesignStone steel frames can easily be site built on location or panelized/prefabricated in a shop. Frames assembled on the job site are typically assembled by means of mechanical fixings. Frames assembled in a shop are typically assembled by means of welded connections. Site Built Frame Advantages: Transporting the loose, cropped to length DesignStone steel components is more efficient, the loose steel components can be bundled tightly together in packs enhancing deck space usage in both volume & weight. Panelized frames acquire deck space volume and rarely maximize a trailers full weight capacity due to the gaps between the steel studs forming dead spots. Eliminates another contractor from process, DesignStone installation teams can commence construction as soon as the materials arrive at the jobsite. Panelized frames are prefabricated in a shop adding another process to schedule. Eliminates shop fabrication errors & enhances onsite adaptability should discrepancies evolve. Panelized or Prefabricated Advantages: Installation durations are lessened. Structural Wall Cladding Description: DesignStone`s precast cladding is delivered to site in pallet form, the modular panels are generally always attached to the DesignStone steel frame on the jobsite. Being a modular building system there is zero cutting on the job site, extremely fast & produces little to no waste.
  • Can you ship the DesignStone product?
    Yes, the DesignStone product can be transported long distances via road or ship. In fact we encourage & offer incentives to interested users whom are not within close proximity to a DesignStone supply outlet. Contact us now to learn more about this offer.
  • What precast finishes can DesignStone produce?
    The system offers an endless array finishes & textures, this inherently is achieved through the concrete panels being precast in design. DesignStone`s modular precast element can easily and affordably replicate most desirable surfaces whether it be traditional stone endemic to a region or modern contemporary designed textures the systems possibilities are boundless only to imagination. This flexibility offers architects, designers, builders and consumers a unique opportunity to build iconic structures & facades previously unavailable due to cost restrictions. Designstone to date currently boasts several finishes, Limestone, Chiseled Federation Stone & Quoin combinations, Exposed Aggregate & a multitude of Architectural designs. Plans to expand product selection are underway, architects & builders are invited to propose new conceptual product range, and exclusive or non-exclusive agreements to produce new product lines are welcome.
  • Can I get different colours & will the colour fade?
    With the range of oxides available virtually any colour can be produced. Colour stability is guaranteed by the manufacturer and the DesignStone panels incorporate admixtures that prevent efflorescence - leaching of salts that leave a white powdery residue, a common occurrence with some other masonry products.
  • Thermal Performance, how efficient is DesignStone & how may thermal combinations does DesignStone offer?"
    The DesignStone system offers a multitude of thermal wall assembly combinations & affordable R-Values up R55/US | R9.7AU. Designstone’s wall thicknesses are considerably less than in comparable masonry systems. Designstone delivers more internal space with less wall and roof area. The thin but solid masonry cladding stores only limited heat that dissipates quickly as the day cools. Insulation values can be tailored to suit demanding polar, desert and tropical climates. Energy for heating and cooling is much reduced because of these thermal design factors. Construction water use is minimal and un-polluted. There is virtually no site waste and therefore little contribution to landfill. The patented Designstone Walling System is truly a one of a kind building system, technical aptitude and universal design qualities allows the system to adapt to any situation without comprise.
  • Does DesignStone provide protection in fire prone areas?
    The entire wall system is of non-combustible materials, the DesignStone precast concrete cladding encapsulate the core filed DesignStone steel studs. There is a very high resistance to burning, spread of heat and flames, & resistance to collapse during fires. This means safety for fire-fighters, and reduction of risk to life and property.
  • How versatile is DesignStone & does the system integrate with other building products?
    Absolutely, the DesignStone product has been field tested and honed to perfection over a period spanning 50+ years. During this period the innovative DesignStone team has designed the building system with integration in mind. Most windows suites, doors, internal wall systems, suspended floor systems & services integrate with the DesignStone wall system with ease so there`s little to no disruption preferred specifications. DesignStone offers design versatility on both technical and aesthetics platforms, this enhances usability as the product can easily adapt to trends and specifications not bound by geographical restraints. Aesthetically this is achieved through the concrete units being precast in design and consistent in module. Technically this is achieved through the products dynamic ability to integrate with other mainstream building products. This flexibility offers architects, engineers, builders, and the consumer a unique opportunity to build iconic resilient buildings that are proven to last the test of time even under the most extreme conditions.
  • How quick & efficient is DesignStone`s installation process?
    The short answer, extremely quick, and super efficient! Being a modular based wall assembly means all components can be held as stock & delivered to site ready for direct installation. Both the precast units & steel form components require zero cutting during the installation period. The DesignStone steel frame, the DesignStone precast panels & the internal wall frames are typically assembled on location by one trained DesignStone installation team. However, the DesignStone frame & internal frames can be prefabricated & delivered to the jobsite pre-assembled. When installed the Designstone’s precast panels are considered finished, this eliminates additional “finishing” contractors and ultimately enhances construction schedules & reduces costs to complete. As an example, DesignStone trained installation teams can complete the DesignStone wall system plus all internal walls on a 2,000 ft2 | 185m2 home in approximately 7 to 9 days depending on the design complexity. An additional benefit, training framing based installation team means the same contracting team can immediately advance the construction schedule by installing the roof or suspended floor structures. This means quicker lock up times for builders improving cash flow and turnover.
  • Do you need heavy lifting equipment or specialized machinery to install DesignStone?
    No, DesignStone does not require any heavy lifting equipment or specialized machinery to install masonary product. This is a major benefit of the DesignStone product in comparison to other high performance masonry wall systems & provides greater opportunities for consumers & specifier’s located in regional areas. As a result of this Installation costs are significantly lessened as with DesignStone Installation team establishment & set up costs.
  • Is DesignStone a metal frame building system?
    Yes it is however, DesignStone`s metal frame is slightly larger than conventional framing and is concrete core-filled. Additionaly, you can use traditional timber framing for all internal walls and roof structures when building a DesignStone home. Steel homes texas.
  • Restricted License Agreements
    All DesignStone, LLC house plans and accompanying material are sold via a restricted licensing agreement unless otherwise stated. The License Agreement defines the terms and conditions of the licenses DesignStone, LLC issues granting permission to use our house plans that are available for purchase. Customer's acceptance and use of the Restricted Licensed Plan constitutes acceptance of the terms and conditions of this Agreement.
  • Standard Use Purchase
    When purchasing a DesignStone home plan, you do so via our restricted license which grants the purchaser a non-exclusive, non-transferable license to construct one home from the architectural set of plans and artwork purchased. The license to construct a home from the said plans is granted to the initial purchaser only and may not be transferred, assigned, or sub-licensed to any other person or party. The original purchaser may reproduce or modify these plans for construction purposes only. The purchaser may construct the one-time singular dwelling using DesignStones building systems or other as per their choice. Copies may not be licensed, sold, or given to anyone else.
  • Restrictions
    All DesignStone, LLC plans and accompanying material are protected under United States copyright law. To comply with U.S. copyright laws any use of the plans must be specifically authorized by DesignStone, LLC. This includes construction, distribution, and marketing, copying, or modifying the plan. All DesignStone, LLC copyright and title block information must remain on all prints, reproducible, electronic, and sales media. DesignStone, LLC and/or its architect design partners must be acknowledged as the original designer of the plans or any derivative work there from. The use of our creations for marketing is strictly limited to promoting the sale of a single individual home constructed from the plans. Any other means of marketing is prohibited unless otherize agreed in writing. DesignStones (incl its partners) name and logo are trademarks of DesignStone (incl its partners when noted). Any use without permission is prohibited. There are no warranties made by DesignStone, LLC, either express or implied, other than a warranty of title. DesignStone, LLC. specifically disclaims all warranties of merchantability or suitability for a particular purpose. Any violation of any of the terms, conditions, and restrictions of this Agreement shall cause the license to be immediately revoked of its own accord and without notice from DesignStone, LLC.
  • Copyright Information
    All material traded through DesignStone, LLC, publications are protected by The United States Copyright Act. The buying of a set of house plans does not transfer any copyright or other ownership interest in it to the buyer except for a limited / restricted license to use the said set of house plans and accompanying material for the construction of a singular unit. Copyright and licensing of house plans for construction exists to protect all parties. It respects and supports the intellectual property of the original architect or designer. Copyright law has been reinforced over the past few years. Wilful infringement could cause settlements for statutory damages plus attorney fees, damages and loss of profits.
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