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 Why DesignStone... 

Our home designs are expertly crafted, bespoke and designed with Texas in mind...

Modern Home Designs


Weather-related events such as floods, hurricanes, windstorms & wildfires are increasing in frequency resulting in record breaking billion-dollar catastrophes. 


It`s the year 2022, disaster resistant construction systems are readily available so why do our homes continue to be obliterated by hurricanes, burnt to ash by wildfires, rendered inhabitable by floods and… why are human lives relentlessly lost as a result? 

Until now, disaster resilient construction systems are grossly un-affordable, too far detached from traditional methods and are technologically difficult to construct. 

DesignStone is different. DesignStone is an affordable, high-performance, concrete/steel wall system that enables residential housing & commercial buildings to be constructed in a manner similar to a traditional light framed building yet have the same load carrying & resisting capability as a full masonry or concrete façade system.

Our Resilient House Plan Shop


DesignStone`s schematic designs are produced in-house and externally by the best architects in the business. Modern, contemporary or traditional our designs can be used as is, or can be customized to suit your every need. Our designs are ready to purchased via restricted license - we hope you like them.


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