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D.C. Kerckhoff

Located near the beautiful beaches in Naples, Florida the D.C. Kerckhoff Company is an industry leader in the manufacture of cast stone concrete products.




Precast Concrete:

  • Design standard is 6,500 P.S.I., in 28 days; and copies of all testing, including freeze thaw, are available upon request.

  • Precast concrete cladding requires a minimum of (7-14) days cure time before installation. Heavily trafficked areas require (45) days cure time before installation. Claims made for product failure will not be honored if these requirements are not adhered to.

  • All precast concrete work shall conform to the standards of the Architectural Precast Association and/or Precast Concrete Institute exclusively. Product needs to cure for (7-14) days before shipping. Colors and textures do vary, for best results, cladding units must be installed in a mixed manner.

  • DesignStone will work with the General Contractor to ensure delivery of products to jobsite per coordinated schedule.

  • DesignStone will not be responsible for delays in production or delivery under our contract due to an extended or untimely approval process. 

  • DesignStone will not be responsible for delays in delivery under our contract where materials are not available due to national shortages or severe weather (hurricanes, hazardous conditions, etc.). 

  • Unless otherwise stated and formally agreed to, new custom cladding types remain the intellectual property of DesignStone, LLC. 

Mortar Joints:

  • Where mortar joints are utilized, typical horizontal and vertical mortar joints shall be 3/8".

  • Spec Mix pre-blend, no color restrictions, Type N/S.

Product Description:

DesignStone offers two primary types of cladding options:

More Information?

For further information including project personalization please get in touch with our technical department.

DesignStone Structural Building System:

  • Used exclusively with the DesignStone structural wall system.

  • DesignStone`s architectural concrete cladding dimensions are typically 23-5/8" Long x 11-5/8" High x 2" Thick. Each cladding unit comprises a cast-in hook arrangement forming the primary connecting element bonding the external façade (precast cladding) with the structural framework (light gauge steel frame). 

  • DesignStone`s cladding-to-frame connection hooks are cast-in the concrete cladding during manufacturing and cast into the concrete core-filled DesignStone LGM stud when installed.

  • DesignStone cladding connection device is typically 0.2GA (mill galv wire - ASTM A641/A641M).

  • Architectural concrete cladding units are available in many shapes, sizes and profiles.

Other Building Systems:

  • Can be used on most building systems:

    • Traditional timber frame.​

    • Traditional light gauge metal frame.

    • Hybrid frame systems.

    • Structural Insulated Panels (SIPS).

  • Cladding connection devices are typically Split Tail Stone Anchor 1-1/4" x 1/8" x 2" x 3-1/2" x 3/4" w/ 5/16" hole - Stainless Steel.

  • Architectural concrete cladding units are available in many shapes, sizes and profiles. 



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