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Building Systems that are better for the builder, the environment and the homeowner... 

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Who, what and why...


WHO ARE WE? We are a multi-disciplined team of designers and building professionals dedicated to building beautiful, attainable, and resilient structures that are stronger and safer than traditional methods of construction. DesignStone materials and building technology provide us with a platform to carry out our mission. Contented customers who experience and appreciate the DesignStone difference provide us with the inspiration.

WHAT IS DESIGNSTONE? DesignStone is a specialist resilient building systems company delivering home designs, professional services, complete structural wall assemblies and concrete cladding products to the Gulf Coast residential and commercial markets. 

Our structural system is the only exterior wall assembly that combines the resilience of a concrete structure with the design flexibility of a stick-built house. Our walls will withstand the most extreme conditions and our design flexibility enables the architect to creatively give the owner what they want. And the architectural finish on the concrete will look beautiful for decades with almost zero maintenance.    

WHY DESIGNSTONE? It`s the year 2022, disaster resistant construction systems are readily available so why do our homes continue to be obliterated by hurricanes, burnt to ash by wildfires, rendered inhabitable by floods and… why are human lives relentlessly lost as a result? 

DesignStone`s products and services are the cost-effective way to build a house that is beautiful, will protect your family from storms and fires, will require almost zero maintenance expenses for decades, and will look good for generations. We want your new home to be climate-ready, a sanctuary that is truly safe, beautiful and forever lasting. 



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Resilient Building Systems


Our Products

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DesignStone House Designs


DesignStone`s affordable, high-performance, disaster resilient building systems  enable residential housing & commercial buildings to be constructed in a manner similar to a traditional light framed building, yet have the same load carrying & resisting capability as a full masonry or concrete façade system.

Our team of Architects have designed a portfolio of small through large modern homes with resilience being and beauty being focal. Our home design plans can be immediately purchased to kick start your concrete home building journey. 


Here`s a taste of what we offer...

The LANTANA__External_Front.jpg

The Lantana

Larger sized small house design.



Key Features

2 Bedrooms (Master Bedroom + 1 Bedroom).

2 Full Bathrooms (Master Bathroom incl).

1 Utility Room.

1 Storage Room.

Walk in Pantry.

*Terms, conditions & subject to considerations apply. 

DesignStone Small House - The Bluestar

The Bluestar

Modern small house design.



Key Features

1 Master Bedroom.

1 Full Bathroom (Master Bathroom).

Walk in Robe.

1 Utility Room.

1 Storage Void.

*Terms, conditions & subject to considerations apply. 

The Waterleaf Home Design

The Waterleaf

Modern house design.



Key Features

3 Bedrooms (Master Bedroom + 2 Bedrooms).

1 Nursery Room.

2 Full Bathrooms (Master Bathroom incl).

1 Flexible Room (office/play room).

Spacious Patio, BBQ Area & Triple Garage

*Terms, conditions & subject to considerations apply.

More DesignStone

Small Home Designs

200ft2 to 1,200ft2

Our Products

Large Home Designs

1,200ft2 (+)


Our Services

Custom Options

Modify our plans or use your own home design

DS Country Res 8

 Beautiful resilient concrete homes for over  50 years 

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We are 50 years strong...

Decades of Proven Success

Used on hundreds of residential and commercial structures in Australia over five decades, DesignStone is now available in the United States. Relationships with established concrete manufacturers and building team members make DesignStone a practical, trusted option for safety-minded homeowners.

Benefits of concrete...

DesignStone offers concrete rain screen building systems which can be installed on most structures and structural systems that combines two everyday building materials – light-gauge steel studs and thin precast concrete cladding units – to create a nearly impenetrable exterior supported by a strong, durable and inflammable framing. Unlike most prefabricated concrete solutions, DesignStone offers remarkable design flexibility in terms of footprint, floorplans, and window and door locations.

Storm, Fire & Flood Resilient.
Robust Materials & Construction Methods.
Modular and Panelized Systems Available.
Customization Options & Fast Delivery.

Fast Construction, Minimal Waste.
Architecturally Beautiful & Energy Efficient.
Minimal Maintenance & Pest Resistant.

Made in the USA.

DesignStone, LLC
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Finishes so durable, we had to make them timeless.

Architects and homeowners can select from a wide variety of colors and finishes using DesignStone. And because the exterior panels are manufactured close to the jobsite, they use local materials that are consistent with regional aesthetics. They require almost no maintenance, even in harsh environments.

What our clients are saying about



Home Owner

“I have built two homes using the DesignStone Building System and the finished products were amazing. The process far exceeded our expectations in all aspects”

10 Cameron Ave 11.12 (73).JPG


Building Surveyor

In my over 30 years involvement in the building industry, I have seen many new products come into the industry that comes with gratuitous claims of being the "one" but many sadly don't deliver, but the DesignStone product does indeed tick all the boxes.

Commercial Waroona (1).JPG


Commercial Client

“Having peace of mind knowing our investment will stand up to wildfires, extreme winds and is virtually maintenance free reaffirms our decision to use DesignStone”

DesignStone LLC



I personally have designed and been involved with a number of DesignStone projects and have been able to see the features and benefits of the system first hand. 




“The entire wall system is of non-combustible materials. There is a very high resistance to burning, the spread of heat and flames, and resistance to collapse during fires”



Resort Manager

The entire project was completed in under nine months, with little disruption to the running of the resort, there were absolutely no cost overruns and we are delighted with the finished result.

New Projects...

Modern country residence recently completed.

We`ve built a lot of projects and are regularly updating our portfolio. 

Sign up for regular updates, new projects, new designs and new offers.  

Introducing DesignStone`s


DesignStone co-founder, Tom is a well-respected building materials veteran who ran the Asian business out of Hong Kong and the European business out of London for Armstrong World Industries.  Tom left Armstrong to become President of High Concrete, one of the top five precast concrete manufacturers in North America. 
While at High, he coordinated a project with Oldcastle to create the Altus Group, an independent company that developed and marketed precast concrete reinforced with a carbon fiber mesh.  He also became Chairman of PCI ( Precast Concrete Institute) during this time.  Tom is a graduate of Williams College and received a MBA from Emory University. 

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