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Why DesignStone is the innovative sustainable answer to future building | Part 2.

In this 4-part blog we explore the 3-key pillars to successfully building sustainable communities through resilient design and by way of DesignStone`s resilient building technology.

This week we focus on resulting social solutions and flow on effects…

DesignStone’s building technology is durable, resilient and affordable, and is designed to achieve premium quality at an affordable rate.

Weather-related events such as floods, hurricanes, windstorms & forest fires are increasing in frequency resulting in record breaking billion-dollar catastrophes destroying entire neighborhoods, leaving thousands of people sick, homeless or dead. The cleanup of the aftermath of manmade and natural disasters has equal or even bigger impact on people’s lives: diseases spread, infra-structure takes time to rebuild, insurance companies take years to repay losses, when they do (often under replacement value); additionally governmental funds dedicated to these events could be used instead to invest in education, housing or healthcare plans. As a result, new building technologies & improved construction methods are now forcefully demanding attention exposing current techniques as inadequate or too expensive in today`s markets & climate shaping a deadly scenario which places human life & infrastructure in harm’s way.

In other words, by endorsing the “build it once, build it right” model safer, cheaper and contributes to elevate quality of life.

DesignStone believes that resilient-constructed dwellings protect people from harm, diseases and even accidental death. Human beings deserve safe, healthy and affordable dwellings to call home. The impact on people’s lives of having a functional, resilient place to live is enormous: people are heathier, work better and live longer. Kids living in safe places, to grow in a healthier manner, tend to be better students, and possess better self-confidence.

More and more, contractors have trouble finding qualified workers – DesignStone’s simple installation makes it easy for entry-level workers.

DesignStone’s technology is also designed to give the best working conditions possible on construction sites, as the concrete panels can be manually placed by the average person. Also, the integrated system doesn’t need any special machinery, allowing nearly everyone to install this innovative system.

The great impact of improving people’s life is one the reasons why DesignStone is so determined to expand delivering an exceptional product in the face of escalating environmental and economic challenges.

Follow us to discover why DesignStone buildings are ahead of their time and how DesignStone’s technology is building a world where we can trust our buildings to protect us and where our buildings are both resilient & beautiful..

Thank you!

Dani Capricho | DesignStone Architectural Operations

Email: dani.capricho@designstone.build

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