• Dani Capricho

Why DesignStone is the innovative sustainable answer to future building | Part 4 (Final).

In this 4-part blog we explore the 3-key pillars to successfully building sustainable communities through resilient design and by way of DesignStone`s resilient building technology.

Last, but not least! This week we focus on economic solutions and flow on effects…

Sustainability requires economic viability. DesignStone MPSF is a complete system, created to last, protect people from harm and help maintain excellent quality of life.

Competing “Concrete Systems” match DesignStone’s performance in extreme conditions but are largely unsustainable. However, “traditional wood frame” installations are initially affordable, but perform poorly under extreme conditions, and as these homes age, they require continuous maintenance, while the chances of total loss make them awfully expensive in the final analysis.

Every year, billions of revenue and thousands of lives are lost simply because buildings are being constructed without regard to prevailing natural conditions. Recovery costs billions to taxpayers and impacts on society often for years, even decades.

DesignStone’s building technology is designed both to support other resilient technologies as an affordable solution for everyone.

Thank you!

Dani Capricho | DesignStone Architectural Operations

Email: dani.capricho@designstone.build

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