Ian Molyneux Designed “DesignStone Donjon”

An interesting structure, designed by West Australian architect Ian Molyneux, built utilizing DesignStone`s modular precast panels that were originally designed & produced for a large scale commercial facility in Bentley, Western Australia.

The project dates back to 2002 - old but gold! Ian tells an interesting story, in his diary of events, outlining DesignStone`s various stages in construction and the intended function of the structure. The DesignStone Donjon was built on a rural property in the South-West of Western Australia where site access was restricted to medium to light vehicles.

DesignStone`s small form precast technology and manual placement techniques enabled the construction team (framing based contractors) to install the DesignStone architectural precast units without the use of specialized or heavy lifting equipment in a regional location where cranes and concrete pumps would not have been able to access the site safely and were not able to be sourced locally.

DesignStone`s precast panels & steel framing sections are consistent in size as per the DesignStone module. In this instance, the architectural precast panels selected had already been developed for another project and were available for immediate placement as a stock item.

This is a great example of how DesignStone`s product line grows each time a new architectural precast design is endorsed, ultimately, offering customers a diverse and dynamic choice in finishes, textures, and profiles. DesignStone`s modular, small form precast technology enables architects & builders a unique opportunity to develop unique “look and feel” precast wall cladding units that can be utilized time and time again eliminating the need for precast panel customization.

We`ve included a picture of “project zero” for this particular DesignStone product line.


The "Donjon"

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