DesignStone enables residential housing & light commercial buildings to be constructed in a manner similar to a traditional light framed building, yet have the same load carrying and resisting capability as a full masonry or concrete facade system.



The DesignStone Walling System provides a perfect medium for residential housing, retaining, light commercial and architectural buildings. 


Ability to customize project design, precast cladding connectivity to the framework, & precast design versatility allows architects & builders an unprecedented opportunity to build affordable, resilient communities. The speed of construction, ability to integrate with other building products & capacity to supply as a stock product ensures construction deadlines are achieved on time every time.



The DesignStone product is the NEW NEXT-GEN  building solution for all occasions.


DesignStone | Singl Family Residential


Single-family residential applications, DesignStone is design friendly, attractive, & quick to install. DesignStone offers resistance against climatic & geographical restraints, & sustainability in the residential housing sector protecting families against extreme climatic events & the rising cost of living.

DesignStone | Double Family Residential


DesignStone is a proven multiple award-winning double family residential building product.

DesignStone | Retaining Wall Application


DesignStone Retaining Walls require less depth & integrate with the DesignStone Walling System.

The DesignStone retaining metal formwork studs are removed once the core-filled concrete has cured. The retaining studs can be purchased outright and used on multiple projects.

DesignStone | Architectural Application


DesignStone offers Architects a unique opportunity to create exclusive, iconic structures like never before. It has never been easier to create new product lines, whether it`s replicating traditional stone endemic to a particular region, modern architectural shapes or popular terracotta finishes.

DesignStone | Light Commercial


DesignStone enables commercial facades to be built in resilient precast concrete without customisation and/or heavy lifting equipment. DesignStone is perfect stock precast material for commercial feature facades, our metal framework integrates with ease to all metal structures.