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Covid-19 & DesignStone: When resilience meets resilient...

Lately, our e-mail inbox and social media have been flooded with different articles about Covid-19. Personally, I have tried very hard to keep up with them but eventually gave up on trying. From “this is the end of the world” to “this is nothing”, I felt I had enough. I embraced the moment with working from home, baking, and wine.

It’s undeniable that Covid-19 has changed the world. It has impacted everyone’s life, especially the ones who, unlike many others, have not had the luxury of working from home. There have been so many affected by this pandemic, including the beautiful souls who are not here anymore to tell their stories.

Luckily, humans were born with a potent tool in their default: the capacity to adapt, create, transform and evolve. This built-in engine is the reason why we continue to move ahead and strive to make every day better. This is the perfect time to exercise our resilience.

We’ve seen the effect that Covid-19 has had on different industries worldwide; including the construction industry. With all the new changes, how are we preparing ourselves to face the new world model?

Not all construction systems are built equally. For instance, the intense labored systems are significantly struggling while trying to adapt; assure the safety of their workers; and maintain delivery schedules. It definitely isn’t an easy task. Today, more than ever before, we’re being forced to think ahead; to challenge our creativity; and improve our skills. The world is being tested but has an opportunity to reinvent itself.

Decades before Covid-19, DesignStone embraced the challenge to create a prefabricated, fire resistant, and resilient wall system that can withstand heavy storms. DesignStone’s system is manufactured in a controlled environment; made to size; ready to assemble; fast and clean – all of which require only a few workers on site at the same time. I’d say that social distancing was already in place at DesignStone, before the pandemic even hit. This is a new normal and we must live and adapt with it.

The other aspect of this new scenario is how to keep the economy afloat. DesignStone integrates with a large array of building materials, helping to bust the local economy and take advantage of the immediate resources available. It allows us to easily adapt to almost any environment and quickly react to different situations.

Covid-19 hit every aspect of the world as we knew it; including the design world. Families that had to be quarantined for a long period of time, have taught us that private spaces are much needed. A flexible room that can be transformed into an office; study; arts & crafts room; playroom; or gym, are the new “must have” in the upcoming residential construction plan. The kitchen regained the old fashion use for cooking, and an enclosed media room is a relief for those who need a quiet space away from the noise. For the sake of our families’ continuance, we must improve and adapt the way we build our homes.

DesignStone is well equipped and ready to take center stage in building the new world!

During these trying times, be safe, and stay tuned for more on information on DesignStone.

Thank you!

Dani Capricho | DesignStone Architectural Operations

Email: dani.capricho@designstone.build

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