Designstone Resilient Building Technology | U.S. Licensing Opportunities

DesignStone, by way of licensing, is inviting innovative building and construction industry specialists to join DesignStone`s USA distribution team.

Licensing & distribution in the U.S. & Australia is already underway with a particular focus on U.S. regions prone to extreme climatic events such as hurricanes, tornadoes, wildfires & earthquakes. The DesignStone Wall system provides an unprecedented opportunity to build resilient communities in a manner similar to a light timber or steel framed building, yet have the same load carrying and resisting capability as a full masonry or concrete facade system.

DesignStone`s modular architectural precast units can be manufactured cost effectively, held as stock, and installed without the use of heavy lifting equipment or specialized machinery. To complete the DesignStone wall assembly DesignStone is partnering with one of America`s largest light gauge metal frame producers allowing licensee`s to distribute freely across the United States of America.

DesignStone senior management has just finished a tour of the United States visiting California, North Carolina, New York, Iowa and Texas where Clayton Burke & Tom McEvoy participated at the Coastal Bend Delegation Forums Building Methodologies Panel in response to Hurricane Harvey.

DesignStone USA already have plans in place with locally based partners to distribute the DesignStone product throughout Texas and the Caribbean and residential testimonial projects planned for commencement early 2018.

For further details on becoming a DesignStone licensee contact Designstone’s U.S. Sales, Licensing & Product Distribution Manager Tom McEvoy via email or cell direct on:


CELL: 610-7161599


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