Innovation in Housing Project of the Year

D.A. Burke Builders, the innovative team behind DesignStone & licensed distributors for the sate of Western Australia were again able to utilize the DesignStone product to achieve success at the recent 2016 HIA North West Housing Awards. The mixed-use project, a residential/light commercial building was awarded the prestigious 2016

"Innovation in Housing Project of the Year" & "Custom Built Home $750,001 & Over" awards respectively.

The multiple award winning home located in Onslow, Western Australia, the most cyclone prone region in Australia is also prone to cyclone generated storm surges. Severe Tropical Cyclone Vance, the most recent destructive cyclone to impact Onslow packed winds up to 165 miles per/hr backed up by a 13-foot storm surge.

The years following STC Vance the Shire of Ashburton adopted a local town planning scheme where all new buildings located in Onslow’s “coastal hazard area” would be required to be constructed with a minimum finished habitable floor height of 5.9m AHD, a good policy considering Cyclone Vance.

DesignStone was the perfect choice for the project, the products retaining wall system assembly was utilised to lift the height of the ground floor pad. The DesignStone retaining wall system incorporates a removable metal stud formwork, slightly larger in profile to the typical wall assembly steel stud profile performed perfectly offering continuous connections by means of concrete encapsulated reinforcing bars.

DesignStone`s retaining wall & typical wall assembly systems are designed to integrate with one another, this allowed the project to be finished entirely with DesignStone`s architectural precast cladding, and without the use of specialised lifting equipment or machinery.

The award winning home was designed to a stringent budget, North West specification and with resilience in mind, without DesignStone, this would have not been possible.

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