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DesignStone homes are concrete strong, built to resist hurricanes and flooding, they are thermally efficient and extremely fast to erect. If you’re considering a new custom home or commercial project it makes sense to contact the DesignStone team.

DesignStone is an affordable, high performance, hybrid building system offering sustainability & resilience solutions for the North American residential & light commercial housing/construction markets. 


The DesignStone Wall System is affordable, storm resilient, fire resistant, unattractive to pests, thermally efficient, and maintenance free so you`ll enjoy the peace of mind knowing your family and investment are safe at all times.
DesignStone is a modular precast concrete housing wall system so you`ll be able to design your custom concrete home or commercial building exactly how you want it, our efficient concept to completion methods ensure your new project is finished on time, every time. 



Stunning single-family residential project designed to comfortably support a young growing family.

In fact, this custom design was refined by our client who built 2 versions of the same design.

The house comprising of 4 beds, study, dual corridors servicing an interior theatre room and rear facing kitchen, living & dining. 


Architectural contemporary inspired 3 unit villa development built on a sloping site was a finalist in three categories for the 2014 HIA Pilbara Housing Awards. Comprising of 2 x 3-bed villas and 1 massive 5-bed villa with undercroft car parking and balcony with stunning views of the Pilbara landscape.  


Modern single-family residential home with zero eaves, stone portico, banding, and corner trim.  This awesome was clad in DesignStone`s limestone precast cladding series complemented by earth-toned metal roofing and fascia trim. 


Stage 2 expansion plan of a regional beachfront holiday park consisting of 5 x 2-bed, 1 bath holiday villas and an amenities block. DesignStone was again selected as the primary building material of choice for its proven exceptional performance in high wind, saline, harsh coastal environments. 

The DesignStone Walling System is a cost-effective, strong & attractive alternative masonry system that is user-friendly & suitable for builders & owner builders alike. The speed of construction using the DesignStone Walling System is a proven way of keeping tight construction deadlines.

J. Jessop | DesignStone Client (Developer)




Distributed as a complete wall assembly, the DesignStone building product consists of two distinct segments, an external envelope (facade) and a supporting structural framework.
Both segments integrate exclusively to form the patented DesignStone Wall Assembly described as a layered combination of small form precast concrete cladding panels (envelope) attached to a light gauge metal framework (structural) that is reinforced by concrete-filling, backed up by internal linings, and multiple insulation combinations.

The patented resilient building technology is referred to as Modular Precast Steel Form (MPSF).



Beautiful buildings that protect, resist and perform even in the harshest environments.

DesignStone homes are concrete & steel strong, they are designed and built to resist extreme storms and flooding, they are thermally efficient, extremely fast to erect, and affordable – if you’re considering a new custom home, real estate development, or commercial project it makes sense to get in touch with the friendly DesignStone team to discuss the benefits of Modular Precast Steel Form construction.


Will your new project perform and resist Mother Natures FURIOUS FIVE...



Our commitment to quality extends beyond supplying a singular product. Our extensive architect, builder, and general contractor network are on standby ready to assist you. 

Building a new residential project, medium to high-density development, or light commercial project? The DesignStone product team are ready to assist construction industry professionals and homeowners in achieving affordable, resilient building solutions. We are a supplier of a building system, however, our network enables us to connect our clients with architects, builders, general contractors, and homeowners for businesses within our network.
The DesignStone Walling System can be supplied to architects, builders, general contractors, developers, and homeowners and is generally supplied as a wall assembly kit which can be tailored to include installation if required. 
Our FAST FOUR concept to completion process will get you in sooner...

Let`s connect! We`re here to help and would love to help you explore your new housing, multi-story, light commercial, or retaining project. 


Introduce us to your builder, general contractor, and architect. Or use our reputable network. 


Once your design is complete, we`ll provide you with a detailed bid and supply schedule.


Use our certified installers or nominate your prefered contractor, we`ll provide installation guidance ensuring the product is installed correctly.


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